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      .Dive - and photographic updates:                
    .Papua Ahe island ahe eiland            
        September 2010 we dived on several reefs of the hardly by tourists visited        

Cenderawashi bay Papua Indonsia. As the only two guests, we stayed for a week

        on the small bounty island Ahe. We dived withe many whalersharks and had very        
        close encounters. More text and photo's ...        
    .Quote 500 quote 500          
      .... Each year there is held a ranking of the 500 most rich Dutch people.        
        This happens in the glossy yearmagazine Quote 500. For the 2010        
        edition I was asked for the photoshoot of the Quote models who has        
        ato go underwater this year. An exciting assigment with surprising results...        
    .South Africa dusky shark jan azier          
        Stormy winds and a tempestuous ocean at the South African waters.        

Dragging our Zodiac through very rough waves, trying jump on board

      at the last moment and than fulle speed ahead through the breakers        
    on our way to the divespot and than sharks, many sharks...  

.Open Dutch ChampionschipUnderw.Photography - 2010

        The national Dutch championship underwaterphotography was this year        
        for the first time organized as an open championship. A large number of        
        contestants also international competitors joined in to the competition this        
        year I had the second place in the overall placing. See my winning pictures...        
    .Netherlands Zeeland 2010 snotolf jong jan azier            
        We already stored our wetsuits for a couple of months waiting for the warmer period.        
        But also in 2010 we made several beautifull dives in the Duch waters of Zeeland.        
        Every time I consider it as a sport to get objects in front of my lens and make        
        nice pictures to show as many people as possible how amazing beautifull the        
        marinelife is in our own Dutch waters, that most people think of as grey and cold.          
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