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My name is Jan Azier.

I have always been interested in Photography and in particular, Nature photography. When you have the opportunity to travel around the world to many different places and enjoy the beauty of nature, on land as well as in the oceans, on tropical reefs, you may consider yourself a privileged person. During these travels we met people from different parts of the world with much lower livingstandards than we are used to. When you see these smiling and friendly people, you become more and more aware of the relevance of everything. You also more and more realize on what an interesting and beautiful planet we live, and the importance of taking good care of all the treasures offered by nature. In 1993 I started diving together with my partner Inge. Shortly after this I started with underwater photography. Discovering and enjoying the life of the amazing oceans is fantastic, but pretty soon I developed an irresistible urge to take pictures of this special environment. Only this way it became possible to share our adventures with other people and also to relive these experiences by viewing the pictures over and over again. Underwater photography is not the easiest form of Photography. It is very difficult to take good pictures of animals in their natural habitat and underwater this is considerably more difficult. In order to get good pictures, it is in many cases necessary to approach your subject as close as possible, but at the same time taking care  not to disturb the marine life. You can make good use of the natural curiosity that animals have. A good picture gives a great feeling but preserving the reefs and respect for the marine life remains a priority. Only in this way it will be possible to continue enjoying this natural spectacle for many more years to come. On my site you can visit several photo galleries. I hope that you, as a visitor will enjoy viewing these galleries and I always appreciate it if people leave reactions in my guestbook. It is a pleasure to have contact with people who share the same interest and also are concerned with the future of our beautiful blue planet.

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